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An Overview of Deeds Engineering Exhaust Hangers

Hanging your exhaust… Probably not the most exciting part of your project but an important task that needs doing. We can help you accomplish it with some style and keep things tidy. Deeds Engineering has a few products that will help your exhaust stay in place but it is important to know what options and choices are available, as well as how these products can work together to fit your application. The 2 most popular hanger options are the clamp on billet hanger and our “dogbone” style billet hanger and both have advantages based on your needs and application. There are also some other bits and pieces that can help you along in getting your exhaust functional.

Clamp-On Billet Hanger

Our original exhaust hanger design is the Clamp-On Billet Hanger, a two piece aluminum clamp machined to fit your exhaust tube and add a single mounting point to your chassis. The design began with high end custom street rods in mind and also needed to fit in tight spaces. Ideally the solution would also not make your exhaust hanging look like an afterthought. The secondary design goal was a bolt-on application that would not require any welding. This can be very handy when the exhaust system is one of the last steps in completing a hot rod and sometimes takes place after the chassis has been painted. For these reasons, common practice for show or high-end street rods was often to bracket the exhaust solid to the chassis. Solid mounting can lead to some pretty harsh abuse when driven and often creates component failure.

We definitely wanted to add dampening into our design and made use of a high temperature (500*F) bushing and machined bushing sleeves for standard hardware to fit. If any of these situations sounds like what your project needs, the clamp on hanger could be a great solution.

Dogbone Hanger

Our latest exhaust hanger design is our Dogbone Billet Hanger. This design came from customers requiring both more length options compared to the clamp on hanger. Additionally a solution was needed to deal with exhaust growth and movement. One of the major advantages of the dogbone hanger is multiple length options. Vehicles can very greatly in available attachment points and one size does not fit all. Secondly, the dual bushing design offers more damping.

When mounted correctly, the Dogbone allows slight movement to the exhaust system. This is needed as thermal expansion takes effect with heat causing metals to grow and expand. As a result the overall length of the system can slightly increase, putting pressure on stationary components. With the dogbone hangers mounted along the same axis of growth, the bushings can rotate and change the angle of the hanger. This flexibility can avoid binding between your exhaust components. These hangers will be a very adaptable solution while still looking fantastic.


Bushings, Fab Tabs & Clevis Brackets

In addition to the hangers we also offer some other items to help with your install. One option is an upgraded Heavy Duty bushing kit for high stress applications. Another is our Fab-Tabs that uses the same standard bushing as our exhaust hanger, in a weld-on bracket available in multiple materials. The Clevis Bracket is a handy “U” bracket that fits all Deeds Engineering products using the standard bushing. The Clevis Bracket works great as an attachment point between your hanger and chassis. They are available in a short and longer “trim to fit” option.

I hope this brief run-down gives you a better understanding of how our parts function. With the right components we can help your project perform and look great.

If you have any questions or require any more info please reach out to us and we would be happy to help.

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