V-Band: Why and How?

Why Use A V-Band?

What hot rodder doesn’t like a custom exhaust system on their project? With every custom exhaust project comes important choices to make, headers, mufflers, tube size, and metal type are all choices that can have a huge effect on the final product. One of the most commonly overlooked aspects of a good exhaust system design is how you choose to connect all your components together. These connections need to be tough enough to perform by keeping your exhaust system operating properly and even more importantly, allow you to disassemble your system for service or repair other systems on your vehicle.

The modern method of exhaust connection is the V-Band style clamp. With tapered flanges and a matching clamp your exhaust can be held together with the turn of one bolt, and no gaskets. These improvements mean no more burned up gaskets, hard to reach bolts, or dashing off to the parts store to purchase replacement parts just to re-assemble your exhaust.

How to Use A V-Band

Step 1

The Deeds Engineering V-Band Clamp Kit consists of 3 individual parts used to make one coupling.

  • V-Band Clamp
  • Male V-Band Flange
  • Female V-Band Flange

Step 2

Each Flange will need to be placed on the end of the tubes you wish to join with the tube end seating into the step of the flange.

Step 3

Then weld the 360 degree seam so no exhaust gasses can escape. Pay attention to your heat control to avoid warping the flange.

Step 4

Then join both tubes with the male and female flanges interlocking together and secure them with supplied clamp.


  • Flanges can be MIG or TIG welded, but TIG is the preferred method allowing more heat control therefore minimizing the chances of warping.
  • The use of anti-seize lubricants are always recommended for fasteners on an exhaust system. The heat effects of hot exhaust components are notorious for creating brittle and dry fasteners that can quickly fail when turned.
  • Always mock-up your system before completely welding incase some changes are needed to your design.

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