Established in 2007, Deeds Engineering began as a small CNC machine shop specializing in automotive products and machine services. In the early stages of the company we were fortunate to participate in projects including a national champion drag race program, 400+MPH Bonneville record setters, and trend setting Hot Rods built from the ground up.

Through the various people we were able to work with and the projects completed Deeds Engineering began to develop high quality products in-house to stock and sell to the professional builders and fabricators we work with.

After years of refinement to our products, increased production, and great interest our parts have found their way onto projects across the world. They can be found on everything from elite race cars, to home-built show stopping hot rods.


Products manufactured in the USA have come to be well known for quality and accuracy. Deeds Engineering products are designed and built with that same attention to detail.

Not only do we make our products in the USA but we are also proud to use American made production equipment in our facility.