Saddle Flanges

Simple, Quick, and Effective

The new Deeds Engineering Saddle Flanges make installing components easier and bring even more flexibility to your fabrication project. These flanges allow you to quickly create mounting points on both flat and curved geometry to fasten components exactly where you need them. The backside of the flange is channeled to saddle the curves of tubing or odd-shaped geometry.


Originally designed for use with our line of Hanger products, the flanges are machined with a 5/16-18 thread allowing any of our standard hanger bushings to mount directly to the flange. As we released these to our customers they quickly found a wide range of applications welding them to muffler cases, round tube crossmembers, exhaust pipes, heat shields and more.

As the range of applications grew we have now made the Saddle Flanges available in Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, and Aluminum.

Also included is a 5/16-inch fastener perfect for use with all standard Deeds Engineering Exhaust Hangers, Fab Tabs, and Bushings.

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