Deeds Introduces New Design Series Radiator Caps


Design Series Radiator Caps

Deeds Engineering is proud to announce a new series of products to be available with custom options to advertise your Brand, Shop, Club, or Organization. The first product of this series is the often overlooked, but always on display, radiator cap.

Often considered a generic feature of any hot rod, it can now be used to add detail or carry your message. Manufactured with the same quality you have come to expect from Deeds Engineering, each cap starts life as a solid billet of aluminum which is then machined down to our specific specifications, and anodized in various color options.

The next step is CNC engraving the desired vector logo, text, or custom made design into a batch of caps to show off your unique message. Finally, a quality name-brand radiator cap is installed into the machined part to complete the product and allow it to perform its duty.

Deeds Engineering has developed this product with quality and affordability in mind, while giving you the opportunity to create a custom product to fit your needs.

● $25 per cap (20 cap minimum)
● Includes Custom Designed Radiator Cap & Individual Retail/Display Packaging

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