Mini Filter

Protect that shiny new turbo! Safeguard that pricey new blower! ​The most common cause of turbo and centrifugal supercharger failure is a poor or contaminated oil supply. The new Deeds Engineering Mini Filter adds remote filtration between your engine oil supply and turbo/supercharger to prevent contaminants from entering and causing catastrophic failure. The Mini Filter […]

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Saddle Flanges

Simple, Quick, and Effective The new Deeds Engineering Saddle Flanges make installing components easier and bring even more flexibility to your fabrication project. These flanges allow you to quickly create mounting points on both flat and curved geometry to fasten components exactly where you need them. The backside of the flange is channeled to saddle […]

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All Tied Up

All Tied Up It’s time to get that mess of tie wraps, cable ties, and zip ties (or zap straps for our Canadian friends) out of that random junk drawer or spread across your garage cleaned up. Now there is no excuse with the Deeds Engineering Tie Wrap Holders. Keep your collection easily accessible, organized, […]

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